Star Wars fanfiction, specifically “reylo” fanfiction, has secretly been invading the romance genre lately from the highly successful The Love Hypothesis to self-published short stories and everything in-between. This is something I have been very curious about, so I decided to sit down, do some research, and figure out what books were originally Star Wars Reylo fanfiction!

Fanfic-to-book status for each book listed has been vetted through behind-the-scenes research and internet scouring to confirm the original sources for each. Any suspected stories that I could not confirm with an original source (fanfiction) have not been added to this list, although there are many.

So, here is the list of books that I have been able to confirm were originally Star Wars Reylo fanfiction.

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

The Love Hypothesis follows PhD student Olive, who finds herself fake dating professor Adam Carlsen, known jerk.

Possibly one of the most popular published former-reylo fanfics, this book quickly became a best-seller last year after going Tiktok viral. An alternate version of the book’s 16th chapter was later released through Hazelwood’s newsletter and is set to be published within the book’s newer printings.

Ali Hazelwood | Barnes & Noble | Amazon

Under One Roof by Ali Hazelwood

When she moves into a house with her lawyer roommate – a grumpy guy who technically lived there first – Mara, an environmental engineer, struggles to find a peaceful balance… until it somehow stops being a struggle.

Under One Roof is the first in a series of novellas published in the spring of 2022 by Ali Hazelwood. These short stories were also transformed from shorter length fanfics into novelllas.

Ali Hazelwood | Barnes & Noble | Amazon

Stuck With You by Ali Hazelwood

What happens when Sadie, civil engineer, gets stuck in an elevator with her arch-nemesis/ex? A lot of apologizing on his part, and a struggle to ignore his soft voice and inviting demeanor on her part.

Stuck With You is the second of Ali Hazelwood’s three novellas. Each was released in audiobook format, followed by an ebook format.

Ali Hazelwood | Barnes & Noble | Amazon

Below Zero by Ali Hazelwood

When Hannah’s NASA mission to a remote research station leaves her stranded and injured in an Arctic winter storm, the last thing she expects to happen is for her work rival to come and rescue her. If he was the one to petition against her research mission, why is he suddenly in the Arctic with her?

The final of the three novellas. In January 2023, the three novellas were released together in paperback under the name Loathe to Love You.

Ali Hazelwood | Barnes & Noble | Amazon

We’d Know By Then by Kirsten Bohling

The story follows main character Brighton Evans as she navigates a colorful world meant only for those with soulmates.

In October of 2021, Kirsten Bohling made a “How it started / How it’s going” comparison on Twitter to announce that her fanfiction was set to be published and released in April of 2022.

Kirsten Bohling | Barnes & Noble | Amazon

For Love and Bylines by Merrin Taylor

For Love and Bylines is a love story about a reporter who falls in love with a teacher at a school where she’s posting as a student – a Never Been Kissed inspired story, perhaps?

Published in May of 2022 through Smashwords, For Love and Bylines is currently available for ebook purchase.

Merrin Taylor | Barnes & Noble | Amazon

Hanukkah at the Great Greenwich Ice Creamery by Sharon Ibbotson

Hanukkah at the Great Greenwich Ice Creamery is a holiday romance set in a London ice cream shop. The main characters have the last names Ford and de Luca a la Harrison FORD and George LUCAS.

Sharon Ibbotson | Barnes & Noble | Amazon

Almost Perfect by Charlie Mitchell

Almost Perfect is a self-published romance book with angst, disability, therapy, and love. Oliver is recovering from a brain tumor when he is introduced to Florence, a sex therapist. Can she help him overcome his inhibitions?

In January of 2021, Charlie Mitchell posted on Twitter: “‘Find and Replace’ has become my new best friend.” Attached was an image of her replacing the name Rey with the name Florence, which is the name of the protagonist in Almost Perfect.

Charlie Mitchell | Amazon

The Most Titillating Tale of Miss Hall & Dr. Black by Jenny Michelle

The Most Titillating Tale of Miss Hall & Dr. Black is a historical romance about an upper-class victorian woman who falls for a mysterious doctor.

At 55 pages, the book is a short novella that was self-published in October of 2020. It is available for purchase as an ebook.


Soul Searching by E.A. Blevins

In Soul Searching, Paige faces a host of angst and anxiety when she finds her soulmate in the most inconvenient place with the most inconvenient person – her teacher. How does she deal with this impossible match and is there any way to find happiness? This story is slow burn (one review even calls it a “no burn” for majority of the story) with themes of “age difference, healthy coping mechanisms, angst, awesome friends, [and a] supportive family.”

Soul Searching is self-published and available for purchase in all formats.

E.A. Blevins | Amazon

Crossroads by Chaney Banett

In Crossroads, Ester’s monotonous days as a small-town waitress come to an end when she meets a mysterious guest in the truck stop diner where she works.

Crossroads was self-published in April of 2022 and is available on Amazon. You can also check out the book trailer on Youtube.

Antique Magic by Kait Disney-Leugers

In Antique Magic, grad student Bridget discovers a magical world hidden in an antique shop and with it, the mysterious shop owner Ezra. But, the more she gets to know Ezra, the deeper she spirals into the dangerous world of magic, which turns out to be both good and bad.

Antique Magic was released in November 2022

Kait Disney-Leugers| Google Books

Deliver Me by Ashley Hawthorne

In Deliver Me, optimistic Mia signs up to send letters to inmates at a local prison as an act of kindness. Her letters find Gabriel, former rich boy turned murderer. Can Mia help Gabriel come to terms with his past and will Gabriel accept Mia’s kindness?

Deliver Me was released in July of 2023.

Ashley Hawthorne | Twitter | Barnes & Noble

My Roommate is a Vampire by Jenna Levine

Protagonist Cassie answers a roommate ad and discovers a Darcy-esque mysterious guy who sleeps all day and stays out all night. Marketed as a cross between The Flatshare and What We Do in the Shadows, the dynamic between artist Cassie and her mysteriously serious roommate is sure to be a good one.

In January, Jenna Levine posted an announcement that her book would be published by Berkley Romance and followed with a second post – a “Where it started/Where it’s going” comparison of Reylo Prompt for a vampire story with her book’s publication announcement. The novel was published in August 2023.

Jenna Levine Barnes & Noble

You, Again by Kate Goldbeck

You, Again is an epic friends-to-lovers story featuring friends Ari and Josh. The duo are instant enemies upon meeting but when they reconnect years later, their bond builds as they confide in each other.

You, Again is a Book of the Month featured book for the month of September! And, when you sign up using my link you can get You, Again as your first book for just $5.

Kate Goldbeck | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Coming Soon

The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon

In this epic fantasy story, protagonists Talasyn and laric are light and dark – not just opposites but enemies as well. But once they are thrown together in a political marriage how will they find a way to work together when faced with a common enemy.

The first book of The Hurricane Wars is set to release October 2023.

Thea Guanzon | Barnes & Noble | Amazon

Knives, Seasoning, and a Dash of Love by Katrina Kwan

In Knives, Seasoning, and a Dash of Love, sous chef Eden stumbles her way into a job she isn’t totally qualified for and finds more than she signed up for – not just professionally. Her efforts to keep a low profile are unsuccessful as she quickly buts heads with Alexander, her boss.

Knives, Seasoning, and a Dash of Love is planned to be released in December 2023.

Katrina Kwan | Barnes & Noble

Sliding Into Love by Juliet Bridges

Sliding into Love is a baseball romance summarized as a “grump meets sunshine during a baseball game” story.

Juliet Bridges announced on Twitter that her debut novel is planned to be published by Lake Country Press in the February 2024.

Juliet Bridges | Instagram


Last Updated: Sept. 5, 2023

Have you read any of these books? Which was your favorite? Have suggestions for me to add to the list? Feel free to reach out on Twitter!

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