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MCR’s The Paper Kingdom: Timeline History, and Leaks

A Guide to MCR’s The Paper Kindom

Solar Eclipse 2024, A Playlist

eclipse playlist!

Han Solo, Smuggler – Wait, I mean, Rebellion General: A Playlist

Han Solo inspired Playlist

She was a Punk, He did Ballet: A Playlist

Enemies to lovers, polar opposites, Rey and Ben: check out this epic playlist.

Addie LaRue: A Playlist

A Playlist for ‘The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue’

Reylo Vibes: A Playlist

A playlist inspired by Rey and Kylo Ren’s tumultuous relationship.

Danger Days: Anarchy in a Post-Apocalyptic 2019

An analysis of the 2019 post-apocalyptic world envisioned in MCR’s 2010.