I see a lot of monthly favorites posts on YouTube all the time and I think it is something that would also work in blog form. Do people commonly do this? Here are my favorites of February 2015.

The Martian

Starting the list off with my favorite movie that I’ve watched several times this month. One that seems to never get old. I seriously have watched this movie about four times in the past 20 days. THE MARTIAN. Who doesn’t love a story of a stranded astronaut! 

One thing that I always love about science fiction is that it is such a great platform to imagine and be innovative. One thing I’ve learned about science fiction over the years is that it’s mostly about change and advancement in society and technology. In The Martian we are thrown into a world of the future; one full of change and advancement. It’s great to imagine what the future could hold and imagine possible routes and advancements that could actually get us to Mars.

This past month I also started reading the book The Martian by Andy Wier and it is SO GOOD. So much more detail and attention given to the plot, obviously. Plus it’s nice to be able to imagine the protagonist how I want (not that Matt Damon was poor casting or anything). 

The Illustrated A Brief History of Time & The Universe in a Nutshell

Number two on my list is a gift I received from my brother. I think he said he found it at a thrift store here in MA for two dollars. The funny thing is I’ve been eyeing this book at Barnes and Noble for over a year but have never shelled out and bought it.

Way Back Machine

The fourth item is found online. Not exactly space related but I’ve used it so much this month that I can’t leave it out. http://archive.org/web/ This website has helped me SOOO much. Basically it allows you to see archived or cached views of websites. (Can we PLEASE talk about the homepage of NASA on December 31, 1996) It’s a great way to keep track of your favorite websites and how they’ve changed over the years. I’ve been so obsessed with visiting my old favorite websites, looking at old blogs and so much more!

Mission Patches

I think I’ve started a new collection obsession: patches, or mission patches to be specific. They’re soooo cool. Honestly it’s the designs that have drawn me in but I think the history behind patches can be just as interesting. My collection is small but I definitely want to grow it out and start collecting cool mission patches! I have a few patches from vacations and things but my coolest collection of patches are my mission patches that I’ve collected. I’ve only got a few but I definitely want to look up so cool ones and start collecting!

Top left: my Outstanding Team patch from Space Camp
Top right: an old school NASA patch that I loved and bought at the Space Camp gift shop
Botton left: a National Air and Space Museum patch from the 2012 historic move of the Discovery Shuttle to the Smithsonian and of the Enterprise to the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum in NYC.
Bottom right: an actual mission patch from the STS-7 Mission which was Sally Ride’s first spaceflight.

The X-Files

February brought with it the return of a very classic sci-fi tv show that I think everyone has loved or hated at one point in their lives (and if not, you should get on it!) I can’t even explain how excited I was for NEW episodes of The X-Files. To be completely honest about the whole experience, I was very underwhelmed by the “monster of the week” stories and they made the show feel like it was mocking itself. They could’ve done so much better. The scripts were weak in many parts but I loved the overall contributions the the main conspiracy storyline that is ever-building on itself since season one.  But putting all of that aside, it was so refreshing and surreal to have new adventures of Mulder and Scully and to be able to watch a new episode as it aires (I didn’t watch The X-Files during its original run, but my mother never forgets to brag that she used to watch it every week) Despite its many faults, the new run of The X-Files is still among my Feb Favorites because it was such an exciting time for the fandom and to just see all the online excitement was so cool. THAT FINALE THO!

So those were just a few of my February science favorites! What have been your favorite space/science/geeky related favorites of this month? Comment down below!

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