For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten is a dark fantasy novel with elements of magic, classic fairytales, and mythology.

In this world, the first born royal daughter is for the thrown and the second born royal daughter is for the wolf, sacrificed to fulfill an ancient agreement that keeps monsters from emerging from the darkness of the underworld. Follow Red as she dons a red cloak and journeys into the cursed forest to sacrifice herself to The Wolf, learns the truth about what her ancient magical binding really means, and fights to do whatever it takes to save the ones she loves.

More about For the Wolf

YALL. THIS BOOK OMG. I am obsessed and in love with how this story blends fantasy, fairytale, mythology, nature, and magic all into one.

With For the Wolf, Hannah Whitten did a great job of taking two stories we know and love (Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding hood), and turned them into a combined story that is both new and familiar.

This book had great pacing – every moment flowed naturally into the next, with no real lull in the story. At times, I even wished I could slow the story down a bit, just to enjoy specific moments for longer before moving on to the next exciting part.

As for the characters, amazing development. Every character from Red and the wolf, to everyone around them was well developed. each character not only had a role to play in the major plot but also in subplots that build in the background based on smaller details. And then suddenly, they became important as well!

I really enjoyed following Red’s story as she has to unlearn everything she thought she knew about her own fate. It can be difficult to face reality, and she does so with the grace and strength of a true hero and I love how this book not only gives us a strong princess, but also a flawed one. Red is not perfect and all-knowing, and reading and watching as she found her own strengths and bravery was a wonderful experience. I cannot wait for the next book!

Rating: 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺 🐺/5 wolfs!