So, you managed to secure tickets to Star Wars Celebration, great! But, what are the next steps? Do you simply show up to the event or is there more planning involved? We are a just under a year out from SWCJ but there’s plenty to get done in that amount of time.

Here are a few things you can do before Celebration to help prepare yourself for the trip and for your experience.

Now (April-June ’24)

Here are a few things you can do starting right now to help prepare for your trip and your Celebration experience.

Create/access your tickets through showclix: This is where you will find your ticket aside from the confirmation email you were sent. use the same email you used to buy your celebration ticket to create your account. Check out showclix website for detailed instructions.

Passport: if you don’t have a passport or your passport will expire before next April, be sure to start the passport application process now!

Cosplay: if you plan on cosplaying, start planning now because sometimes it can take a while to plan/build and starting now gives time to perfect your cosplay.

Soon (July-December ’24)

These are some things you will need to start thinking about now, and then implementing soon (within the next few months, or about nine months before the event).

Hotel: hotel reservations should start opening up next month. So start researching the area you’d like to stay in and arrival/departure plans and be prepared to make a reservation next month if you want to stay close to the convention center (Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan).

Flights: start thinking about what dates you want to arrive and leave and maybe create a google flight alert so you can buy your flight based on price fluctuations.

SWAG: Some people like to participate in the swag community (short for “stuff we all get”). At Celebration you may see people trading small items with other people. If you plan on participating in the swag trading/gifting community, you will soon need to plan out what type of items you’ll be sharing and make your designs and orders.

Later (January-April ’25)

These are things that you should be doing much closer to SWCJ. These are things directly related to your Celebration experience and their access usually only opens up within the month before the event.

Mainstage Panel Lottery: a fews months before celebration the lottery for the big panels will begin. Usually this requires a badge ID but since all tickets are will-call (to be picked up at the convention center, no advanced shipping), I am sure they will email us with the new procedure closer to the date. But basically you enter your email and badge info to a lottery and if you win, you get a ticket into the main panel. There are a few chances to win since there are 1 or 2 main panels per day.

Download the SWCJ App: This will most likely be within two or three weeks from celebration but the app will have all of the schedules: panels, meet and greets, a map, etc.

Autographs/Photos Purchases: This will also open around the same time as the Panel Lottery so just a few weeks/months from Celebration so not until Feb/March of next year. But if you know you want to do a lot of autos/panels be sure to start saving now because they are pretty pricey.

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