It’s been one year since Star Wars Celebration Europe in 2023 and we are now one year away from Star Wars Celebration Japan! So, I thought it would be a fun idea to throw together a ticket planning guide to help myself (and you!) stay organized and prepared.

What is Star Wars Celebration?

Star Wars Celebration is an event and experience for fans of the Star Wars franchise. The event has a variety of activities, exhibits, panels, and is often the time of year when new Star Wars projects are announced.

Important Information to Know

  • Star Wars Celebration Japan: April 18-20, 2025
  • Location: Makuhari Messe, Japan
  • VIP Presale: May 1 at 12:00 PM EST (US) – this is exclusively for people who had VIP for the previous Celebration
  • General Sale: Thursday, May 2 at 7:00 PM EST (US Time)
  • Website:

How to Get Tickets

In my experience, Celebration tickets have sold out very quickly. The best plan of action is to be ready to join the ticket queue on the day the sale goes live. This means having your browser open and payment form ready ahead of 7PM EST on May 2.

Your ticket purchasing experience might look something like this:

In the next few weeks before the sale, begin thinking about how many tickets you will be purchasing – are you going alone or will friends/family join along? This gives you enough time to plan out pricing and coordination if you will be buying for yourself and your group.

On the day of the sale make sure you have a payment form ready. Be prepared to join the queue on the website ahead of 7PM – I usually try to have my browser open around 20-30 minutes ahead of time. To do this, go to the ticket page, and click the link for the ticket type you want and this will take you to the waiting room. The waiting room will automatically push you into the queue once the sale time hits, so there is usually no need to refresh once you’ve made it into the waiting room.

Once you make it through the queue, you’ll be able to purchase your tickets as long as they haven’t sold out. If you are in line before the sale starts, there is a good chance you will get a general ticket, but VIP tickets go very fast so unless you are one of the first people through the queue, your chances are small.

In the Queue (2022)
In line

Ticket types:

  • Jedi Master (VIP) – $993.25
  • 3-Day Adult – $168.85
  • 3-Day Kids – $42.35
  • Single Day Adult – $58.85
  • Single Day Kids – $20.35

Visit the official Star Wars Celebration website for more information and details!

What if tickets sell out?

One of my biggest worries when I bought Celebration tickets for the first time back in 2021 was that I would not be successful in getting a ticket before they sold out. If you also are worried about this, do not fret!

In the past Star Wars Celebration has used a ticket buy/request/return system called Lyte to handle additional handling and selling of tickets after general sale. This means, that if people realise they don’t need one of their tickets for whatever reason, they can go through this official system to sell their ticket to someone who needs one.

Using Lyte to buy a “resale” ticket is the only safe and reliable way to buy a resale ticket, as they work directly with the event coordinators to deal with requests/returns/resales.

I have not yet bought or sold a ticket through Lyte but I did look into the process in the past just to prepare myself for if I would have to use this method to buy a ticket. And, I do know people who got their celebration ticket this way.

There is currently no word on if Celebration will be using Lyte this time around, but be sure to keep an eye on their social media for any updates. And, I’ll update here as well, if we get any concrete updates on the Lyte situation.

Additional Tips for Ticket Preparation

  • Follow SW Celebration on Twitter and Instagram
  • Turn on push notifications for their social media accounts so that you get the latest news right as it is announced

Travel and Hotel Planning

In addition to securing SW Celebration tickets, travel and hotel are also major steps to preparing for Celebration, especially for an international trip.

Now (Spring 2024) is the best time to start preparing for travel if you don’t have a passport. Passports take time to apply for and to receive and can take weeks and even months to get. If you don’t have a passport or your passport will expire by the start of 2025 I highly recommend starting the passport application/renewal process ASAP.

I have heard that local run hotels in Japan don’t open up bookings until around six months before the date of arrival. International hotels usually start booking one year out. That means that you should be prepared to book a hotel within the next month if you plan on staying at an international hotel (Hilton, Marriot, etc.) or by October if staying at a local hotel. I am going to start my hotel research just after I secure my Celebration ticket, as I want to make sure I have my ticket before booking a hotel.

Other helpful resources:

Here is a list of other resources I am using to plan and research my trip. I will be updating these as I go, so additional resources will be added as I plan my trip over the next year.

If you have any additional tips/suggestions or questions, please feel free to follow/tag/reach out to me on twitter! I’d love to discuss tips/tricks/planning and game plans for tickets!

Also, keep an eye out here (I’ll link on my social media accounts) for additional Celebration related posts – I’m planning on a Celebration Europe Recap post (been procrastinating on that for a year, oops) and a Celebration Tips and Tricks posts specific for getting the most out of the event itself!