Recently I started a novel writing/planning notebook as a way to put my motivation and ideas down on paper and I thought it might be cool to post it on here as well.

So, here are a few reasons why I want to write my own novel.

  • A way to create something and be creative.
  • Share stories that I would want to read.
  • Increase Indigenous inclusion in literature.
  • Maybe explore a specific theme (love, loss, anger, etc.)
  • Start doing instead of dreaming.
  • Make money doing something I love.
  • Fulfill a lifelong dream.

I’m honestly so excited about writing my own novel. I know it’s going to be a lot of hard work, but I intend to push myself as far as I can to make this dream become a reality. Here’s my tentative upcoming plan for getting started:

September: Why I want to write, How I want to do it, Find inspiration. Set up an organizational, planning, and writing system.

October: PLAN. Write my character bios, create an outline, figure out the plot, etc.

November: NANOWRIMO. Write my novel. The first rough draft doesn’t have to be perfect and I plan on taking that to heart in November. I am going to write harder than I ever have before and, hopefully, get a first draft written from start to finish.