A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor is the second book of The Carls series by Hank Green. The book follows An Absolutely Remarkable Thing which introduced protagonist April May as she uncovered the truth about giant mysterious robot-like structures that appeared around the world.

In A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor, follow along with April May’s friends as they try to get their lives back to normal after April’s shocking disappearance following the equally as shocking disappearance of the massive Carl structures that suddenly disappeared all at once. April’s friends Andy, Miranda, and Maya narrate their lives as they discover how they fit into the story of April, including the appearance of a strange book that can seemingly predict the future, a secret tech corporation, and odd clues that hint that their friend might actually still be alive.

I was on the waitlist at my library for the audiobook version of this book for nearly an entire year. So, by the time I started reading it, I felt like I could hardly remember the smaller details of the first book. However, It didn’t take me long to get pulled back into the world of The Carls. I LOVE this series.

I liked that this book focuses on the lives of April’s friends. I found myself very interested in their characters during the first book, which is told in April’s point of view. Now, with A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor, we got the chance to see a bit of their world, and it was a great way to continue the story while keeping the mystery of April and the Carls alive. I also thought it was a great techinque for expanding the world quickly. Rather than one narrator, we suddenly had three. We could move around the world with the change of a chapter. And, best of all, all the small point points for each character could build organically and then all come together to tie together at the end. YESSS.

Please, please, please read this series – starting with An Absolutely Remarkable Thing followed by this sequel. <333