Into the Dark by Claudia Gray is a YA Star Wars novel and part of the High Republic era stories.

This book follows padawan Reath Silas as he leaves the comfort of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Reath is an academic who loves to get lost in the Jedi Archives whenever possible. So it is a bit of a shock for him when he finds out he will be leaving Coruscant to follow his master to a new outpost in the outer rim.

Along the way, he finds himself on an unexpected adventure, discovering a long-forgotten and abandoned research station. While there, he encounters some new friends, enemies, and uncovers a deep secret that is deeply connected to the fate of the entire galaxy.

* * *

This was a great read. I love Reath as a character and found him to be extremely relatable. In all honesty, if I was a padawan, I too would favor academics over athletics. Sure learning how to wield a lightsaber would be cool, but I’d choose reading and studying about Jedi history any day.

It was fun to follow Reath as he gained insight from Cohmac and Orla. Being very different in their understanding of the Force, they were both able to impart Reath with different perspectives and insight into how to navigate his role as a padawan.

Overall, I enjoyed the novel very much. I did not find it hard to read, and thought the pacing worked well. There were a lot of characters to follow, and toward the beginning I did get a bit confused at different names and storylines. By the end, however, I was completely obsessed with the different side stories. I need more Reath!

What I loved:

  • The glimpse of Reath in his element at the Jedi Temple. Please, how can I get there and explore the library!
  • Watching as Reath became more confident in his abilities outside of academia was fun. At the beginning he is very much disappointed in the idea of an adventure, but by the end he realizes that adventures are helping him grow as a person and as a Jedi.
  • Orla Jareni!!! I LOVED seeing a wayseeker!
  • The Amaxine Station being a host of darkness was very interesting
  • GEODE – LOVED everything about Geode including all the jokes about how funny he is and also Reath understanding him?? Is Geode anthropomorphic or really just a giant boulder? I need answers!
  • I’m sure theres so much more, but for right now that’s all I can remember!