It has been so long since my previous post! The end of the semester and finals were really tough this year, but exams are over and school is out. So, here’s a hastily written jumble of thoughts about the latest Avengers film. I jotted some thoughts down on paper after seeing the movie when it first came out so here is that list. Spoilers ahead, obviously.


  • Captain America had like no lines or screen time
  • Same for Black Widow
  • I needed a lot more Black Panther


  • Guardians were in it a lot (They’re my favorite)
  • How their comedy was a big tension reliever for the more serious stuff that was happening throughout the film
  • Groot
  • Thor and the Guardians scenes
  • Rocket and Bucky
  • Wakanda Scenes
  • Humanizing/emote-ing Thanos (especially when he cried)
  • I actually liked how Gamora’s death played out
  • Thor speaking Groot language
  • The fight between the guardians and Iron Man’s group before they realized they were on the same team

So there’s my initial list written right after seeing the movie. I really enjoyed the movie and I’ll probably end up writing a better post soon(ish).

Thanks for reading!

– Sam

This review is cross-posted and can also be found here under the title ‘Some thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War (Finally).’