Solo has been in theaters for less than 24 hours and I’ve already seen so much hate for it on Twitter and Facebook. It seems to be all the “casual” Star Wars fans who didn’t enjoy it. From dedicated fans, though, I’ve been reading nothing but praise for the movie and hopes for a sequel. I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was a great addition to the Star Wars universe, and that it was a perfect second stand-alone movie next to Rogue One, which I loved.

There were many moments in the movie that referenced and elaborated on topics from other Star Wars movies and canon sources. I think that Solo does a great job at blending familiarities from other Star Wars sources with fresh, new characters, planets, and topics. It felt very much like a Star Wars film, but without the sharp good vs evil divide. We see Han struggle with what side to take (or no side at all) and that is so fresh for a Star Wars movie.


Han Solo as played by Alden Ehrenreich is an optimistic and hopeful Han. He hasn’t yet been hardened into the tough and spiteful Han we know and love in the original trilogy. It’s fun to see all the events in the movie mold him slowly into the Han with which we are more familiar. Alden does a wonderful job at imitating the mannerisms and statures of Harrison Ford and this helped me feel like I was watching the same Han Solo that I watch in the other movies. At the same time, though, he doesn’t try to be the same exact character, and that is also what makes his portrayal work. He adds his own twists and quirks in smallest of ways that really highlights how this younger Han isn’t yet the Han from the original trilogy.

Okay First, Han and Chewie. I LOVED their friendship origin story and how Han helped Chewie escape. It was so funny hearing Han speak Shyriiwook. Scenes that I loved involving the duo include the scene where they’re showing together – “We couldn’t have done this separately?” and when Chewie shows up to help Han with the cart full of coaxium.

It was fun to hear Han make references to his future catch-phrases and famous lines. I loved when he was piloting the Millennium Falcon for the first time and with a big smile proclaims, “I’ve got a really good feeling about this.” It was cool to see this young, optimistic Han that has been lost by the time we get to A New Hope. He’s more playful and hopeful. I also loved that scene where Lando tells Han he hates him and Han replies “I know.” SO. GOOD.

While he seems more naive, he’s actually not. We get a sense of this when he outsmarts Dryden Vos and Beckett. Throughout the movie Beckett treats Han like he doesn’t know anything but Han constantly proves himself and his ability to keep up. As for Dryden Vos, I felt like he wasn’t so much affecting Han’s character development as much as he was a device for the crime organization plot. But I did love Qi’ra’s relationship with Dryden and her role in the film.

I loved how the Kessel Run was part of the plot and how the parsec debate was finally settled. It’s official, Han Solo actually does know that a parsec is distance not a measurement of time. It was nice how they included that and explained how he was able to find the shortest distance to make the Kessel Run. This whole part of the movie was probably one of my favorites.

Finally, lets talk about the Maul scene. Please. This was such a good reveal. In my screening there was so much screaming and cheering when he came on screen. The theater was so loud and hyped up. This was such a cool addition and it actually made a lot of sense. In the animated series’ Maul’s backstory and history is elaborated past his role in the prequel trilogy. Since the crime underworld is such a big aspect of the film it just made sense that this former Sith Lord turned crime lord play a role. Also, can we talk about how much I love that Qi’ra is such a great character and I’m so glad she wasn’t just killed of, but given a power role at the end. Love it.

I could really keep on talking about Solo: A Star Wars Story but this post is pretty long at this point. I know this post is a disorganized mess but I just wanted to focus on all the things I loved and enjoyed about the movie because it really was a great addition to the Star Wars universe, despite what I have been reading online and hearing from people. I just hope that everyone can look deeper at the movie and appreciate all the effort that was made into making this movie for the fans and not just for money.

Did you like Solo? What were your favorite parts of the movie? Let me know in the comments or send me a tweet @sammyliterally on Twitter.

– Sam

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