I was excited when the previews for the newest Lost in Space rendition were released. The series looked fun and exciting. However, once the series was released on Netflix this past April, I found myself struggling through the first few episodes before I finally just gave up. Here’s a list of reasons why I still haven’t finished Lost in Space.

The Writing

The writing just isn’t my style. I find myself fast-forwarding through a lot of the show until I get to the “good stuff.” Part of it is the dialogue but another part of it is the lack of dialogue. Many scenes are just shots of a character doing something but with no commentary or conversation and I think those scenes just feel out of place for me.

The Characters 

While the characters are interesting (they each have a unique backstory that is slowly being elaborated on), I haven’t found a particular fondness for any of them. I’m neutral to every character, even the defenseless youngest child, Will. Since I don’t love any of the characters, it is hard for me to connect with them and ultimately enjoy their story.

The Story

The most interesting parts, to me, are the flashbacks. I am really interested in how this family started their journey. However, the series seems to focus on their experiences after crash landing in the middle-of-nowhere, space. As interesting as this is, I just would’ve loved to see more of this family on Earth while training, preparing, coming to terms with their future endeavors. I know the story is about a family that is “lost in space” but I feel like I could connect more with these characters if more of their “origin story” was told in the first few episodes as a way to help connect with them on a personal level. We do get a few scenes of them back on Earth, but it just isn’t enough; for me, anyway.

The Villain

I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I hate the character of June Harris. She’s a psychopath who doesn’t care about putting everyone around her in danger as long as she is looking out for herself, and that makes me really uncomfortable. I literally fast-forward though most of her scenes. Maybe this is good writing on behalf of the writers since I can’t stand her, but it is negatively affecting my relationship with this show.

As this is my first introduction into this world (I’ve never seen the original or the 90s movie remake), I feel like I could gain more appreciation by watching the older renditions, reading up on the history of the series, and also possibly looking into the scientific research that went into the show. I always love knowing how real science is incorporated into space travel in media, so that might be something to help me gain a better appreciation for this series.

I am definitely going to give this show another chance, but these are the things that have kept me from actually finishing the first season. Netflix recently announced that the show has been renewed for a second season, so now I feel like I really should keep watching, as it might get better and I might be able to enjoy it more as the plot progresses into another season. This is a show that I really want to love, so I’m going to keep trying at it.

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