2015 was filled with so many amazing adventures. I had the opportunity to travel all over the country to do so many cool things. I went to space camp in Alabama, learned about the New Horizons program in Washington D.C. and even traveled to Honduras! This year I am hoping for just as many, if not more, exciting experiences. So I’ve decided to make a list of ten things I’d like to do/accomplish this year. Some are very reasonable and some are borderline fantasy wishes. Here we go.

Attend a NASA Social event for a launch: So NASA Socials are the COOLEST things ever. Basically you apply to go to a NASA event, could be conferences, tours, launches, and get access to cool opportunities to learn and share information about NASA’s missions, events, and information.

Visit at least one NASA Visitors Centers: NASA has 14 official visitor centers located all around the country. Ideally I think it would be awesome to get one of the Passport to Explore Space “passports” and visit each visitors centers. The visitor centers are great places to experience, explore and learn about the history of NASA and learn about past, present, and future endeavors. This year I would love to go to the Space Center Houston in Texas. At this visitor center you can plan your trip out based on what attractions you want to see. There are a lot of really cool tours I would like to take such as the Level 9 Tour and the NASA Tram Tour. Goal for this bucket list item: SEE MISSION CONTROL!

College: My biggest goal of this year is to go back to school. The past few years have been really busy and I’ve had a lot of cool experiences, but I am finally ready to go back to school and work towards accomplishing some life goals. I feel very motivated and excited to to back to university and I think that the break I took was very much needed and appreciated. I am going to appreciate so much more the opportunity i have to go to school, learn, and achieve my dreams.

Flying Lessons: When I was in high school I was part of an Aviation and Space magnet program. It was so awesome. As part of this class we were prepared to take the written exam of the pilot’s license exam. It was so cool learning all about planes and flying. We even had the opportunity to learn how to fly a plane and take control of a flying plane for ourselves. To this day one of my proudest accomplishments is that I learned how to fly a plane before I learned how to drive. That first and second year of high school was so long ago, and I didn’t exactly take advantage of the opportunity when I had it. So for 2016 I would like to give flying another chance. It would be so awesome to take a flying lesson and see if it is still something I would like to pursue enough to get my license.

Lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse: I’m afraid to admit it but this is something I haven’t done in quite a while now. Who can resist a good eclipse viewing?

Astrophotography: I own a camera + I love star gazing. This seems like something I should’ve gotten into a long time ago.

Attend a Science Conference: I’m not sure exactly what this would entail but I know it would definitely broaden my understanding of scientific current events. I really do enjoy learning more about current projects and studies in the scientific community and having the chance to do so in person would be such a great experience.

Pass Calculus class – the gateway to the sciences: Calculus is a small weakness I have. I love it but it tears me down. Calculus is essential to physics and understanding the the universe does its thing. So passing calculus and loving it while I do would really be a great accomplishment.

SKYDIVE : This one is just a good ol’ life goal that I want to experience.

Space Camp: The classic Space Camp experience is always a moral booster. It is a great way to re-immerse myself in my dedicated life as a science + space enthusiast.  

tl;dr – 2k16 is going to be great. Comment down below with one of your bucket-list goals for this year? What’s something you’ve always wanted to do?

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