The third and final day of the Adult Space Academy at the US Space Camp in Huntsville was a fun half day of eating star shaped breakfast foods, launching rockets, and saying goodbye to new friends. It’s a transitional period of leaving the make-believe world where we’re kids pretending to be astronauts and entering the real world again. Here’s what happened.

Day three was the last (and the shortest) day of Space Camp. It was mostly a day to get us all set and ready to go back into the regular world.

Getting our rockets while waiting before breakfast

Like the rest of the days we woke up early and rushed to get ready and out to breakfast on time. Breakfast started at 8 AM.

The final Space Camp meal

After breakfast we walked across the campus and through a back gate into a big field to launch the rockets we had built the previous day. We set up the rockets on the launch pad all in a line and it was pretty picturesque. We all stood behind a launch guard for safety. One by one we walked up to the launch buttons (I don’t know what else to call it!) and launched our rockets. I guess I was kind of nervous just because I was afraid my rocket wouldn’t launch or something. But it launched. I was really excited to run after it and catch it as it came back down to earth but it was a really windy day and it blew far away upon descent. oh well. I wonder if any of the surrounding houses in any neighborhoods ever get tired of all these space camp rockets landing in their yards. Honestly, making the rockets was so much more fun than launching them. Except, I think it would be really fun to attach a camera to one of the rockets with a live feed to see the view from the sky and all. overall, the experience was fun.

Panorama – walking to launch our rockets
Homer Hickam field of lost rockets
Just really proud of my rocket
The last time I saw my rocket 🙁

Next we were supposed to have the “space bowl” which I guess is a trivia game but the whole group decided to skip this activity so we could go pack and get ready to leave before graduation. after packing and everything we all met up near the graduation room and hung around while a different space camp group (i think it  was the family group that we started with) was in there.

Saying goodbye to our room
Panorama – waiting for graduation

Graduation was short and sweet. We all got a certificate of graduation and they gave out an award to one of our team members for being “the right stuff.” it was nice. overall I think the whole thing was about ten minutes long. And then we were done. honestly it all felt anticlimactic. but i was still hyped so tiffany and i went to the gift shop to waste away the remainder of our money. I think I bought a ton of mission patches and stickers.

Space Camp alum proof after 16 years of waiting
Thats for going to Space Camp with me, Tiff. Oh and that’s Will our trainer he’s cool.

So space camp was definitely an adventure. I honestly don’t know why I never went as a kid, especially since I grew up in Alabama just hours away from the Space and Rocket Center. I’m glad I went and finally lived the dream. Everyone on my team was so excited to be there and I think that made a huge difference. We were all space dorks who weren’t afraid to be ridiculous and get into the missions or ask questions and joke around. I’m so happy with my space camp experience and I know that eventually I will go back.

A few more space camp pictures:

To watch a video of my third day at Adult Space Camp watch my video on YouTube!

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