Book summary: Main character, Charlie, suspects that the fellow college student she is hitching a ride with from New Jersey to Ohio might actually be the serial killer who has been preying on students at her university. Her new “destination” becomes sunrise as she fights to survive the night on an isolated road trip with a stranger she thought she could trust.

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I had a huge haul of books I planned to read in October, but I only ended up getting to four of them. The first one I read was Survive the Night by Riley Sager. Sager is a popular mystery / thriller author, but this is my first of his. Survive the Night is a serial killer thriller that has a fast paced story and is just as fast of a read.

I Survive the Night was such a quick read that finished it in less than a day. I enjoyed the premise and the frame through which the story is told – both being very effective at setting an eery tone and thrilling pace. Although the main story takes place over the span of a single night, the story did not feel too fast or slow, but perfectly paced – it was as though I was sitting in the back seat of the car with the two main characters, watching as their story unfolded. I loved that.

I did have a few issues with some things in the story, but cannot elaborate too much without spoiling the plot. I feel that although these things did annoy me, they ultimately did not take away from my overall satisfaction of the story.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery. And, as I said before, this was my first Sager book, so I can’t compare it to his other books, which I am told are also very thrilling.

Rating: 🚙 🚙 🚙/5 cars.